About Us

Hello and Welcome to iHomeGrow!

iHomeGrow is not your typical product or company. We are a group of close friends who started this business after trying to find a way to grow our cannabis from the comfort of our homes in a manner that is enjoyable, safe, healthy, and affordable. We wanted our cannabis plants to flourish year-round, regardless of the weather or season, while also promoting our health and supporting the well-being of the planet.

We had a vision of how we wanted our products and services to impact the world in a positive way, so we began searching for a solution. We discovered a huge need for home growing of cannabis plants naturally, without harsh chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our goal is that anyone, regardless of geographic location or skill level from green thumb to all thumbs, will be able to grow almost anything year-round, in a sustainable and convenient manner that isnt going to harm the environment or cost a fortune.

We are proud to announce that our vision has come to fruition with our iHomeGrow, an exciting new way to garden indoors! It is a complete gardening system that uses the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient technology to produce the highest quality herbs right at home, year round.

Together we can create a movement to take back control of our health. We are working with organizations that support healthy, sustainable lifestyles. A percentage of the revenue from iHomeGrow service will is donated to support this vital mission.

iHomeGrow is a social growing network so that you dont have to Grow It Alone.You can share your passion, recipes, tips, advice, photos, and articles with fellow gardeners. And if you need help, there is an entire community of gardeners to collaborate with!

We have the opportunity to make a difference together.